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Internet dating? In a grocery store, coffee shop, party, or speed dating event. They’re nice. Chatting precedes dating. You admire this person, but eventually everything falls apart and you realize this was not Mr./Ms. Right. How often? You’ve lost hope in this relationship. On the second date. Sometimes years later. The longer it lasts, the harder it is to end, pick up, and move on. Ever thought, “What a waste of time?” Ever thought, “If only I’d known…”

To determine if you’re a good match, it can take hours, months, or years to get to know someone. But you can know sooner. Ten minutes can reveal more about your date than ten years! All of this is available once you get a sample of their writing! In Europe and parts of the Middle East, over 90% of hiring decisions are based on handwriting analysis.

Handwriting is a clear and accurate way to show who someone is. The handwriting analysis report shows everything in a clear and simple way that can be hard to find out in an interview. It is also used to figure out if two people who want to do business together will get along. Why? Because it makes it clear what each person’s strengths and weaknesses are, as well as where they get along and where they don’t.

These same methods can quickly and accurately tell where two people who are dating or thinking about dating will get along well and where sparks will fly. Do you take a car for a test drive before you buy it? You check out the material of the clothes you want to buy. Do you want to be with someone for a lot longer than either of these? So why not find out if this relationship will work for you too?

What both men and women want in a relationship

In a survey of men and women who date, the most important things they want in a partner or date were found:

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Sincerity
  • Humor! Sense of Fun
  • Loving, Romantic
  • Kind and Caring
  • Outgoing
  • Active
  • Easy Going
  • Intelligence
  • Open-minded and & Open Communication

This article talks about each of these good traits and shows how to find them in writing.

Honesty and Integrity

Honesty and integrity were at the top of everyone’s lists. How do you know if your date is honest and reliable? It’s important to know this about anyone, not just a potential date. On the list are, among other people, a boss, a coworker, a friend, a client, and a customer.  As with any trait, honesty has a lot of enhancing and inhibiting factors. For instance, someone with high need for approval and low self-esteem is much less likely to be completely honest in a challenging situation than someone who is confident in themselves.  Here, though, we’ll focus only on each trait’s key indicators.

The “circle” letters “a” and “o” as well as the circle components of “g” and “d” give clues about honesty or the lack thereof.  Can you spot any circles within circles when you closely examine the circle letter? Or is there only one tidy circle before moving on to the next letter?

Look at the loop on the right side of the “o”. Wherever you see a loop in this position, on the right hand side of a loop, it is an indication of secrecy.  Secrecy need not be evil or purposefully deceptive. It might simply be a person who feels awkward disclosing personal information.

loops in o

Nevertheless, it is a sign of honesty that is less than fully open. How can you confidently base any decision on the information you receive from this person, knowing it may only be a partial truth, if you cannot be sure you are getting the whole truth?  The secrets are larger the larger the loop. Again, this is not fundamentally dishonest, but it also is not the whole truth.

A circle letter with a loop on the left side represents self-deceit. This is the writer who is deceiving herself and is unable to tell the truth to others, including you, because she cannot see the truth for what it truly is. As a result, the writer inadvertently skewed the perspective you receive and the narrative you receive.

Again, self-deception is not a form of lying, and it probably doesn’t change how people talk to each other or interact with each other. A person who sees the world through “rose-colored glasses” or another, less happy color, and shows it often (in strong, large loops), doesn’t know themselves very well at all. This person won’t be able to see how things really are.

Find out how frequently the trait appears when you come across writing like this. That is, roughly what percentage of the circle letters in the writing sample are covert, deceptive, etc.? You will receive the strength of each trait from this. Undoubtedly not a distinguishing quality, once per page of writing. However, if the same trait keeps coming up each time the right letter formation is present, it has a significant impact on personality.

The primary indication of intentional deceit is the double loop, which is a loop on the left of the circle and another loop on the right of the circle, both in the same letter.  But how many of us can honestly say that we have never lied? Most people, hopefully in very rare instances, “bend the truth.” In order for there to be intentional deception, it must be a recurring theme throughout the writing rather than just an isolated or sporadic instance.


Sincerity came in second on the list of personality qualities people looked for in a date or a committed relationship.  In order to determine whether the writer is sincere, we must first evaluate the writing for honesty before moving on to loyalty. 

Finding this trait is very simple. Look at the writing’s i-dots. Are they carefully placed, single-dot marks made by dabbing the pen on the page, dashed, slashed, or drawn in? The sign of loyalty is a rounded dot created by simply placing the pen on the page without moving it, and then removing it. Loyalty is not demonstrated by any i-dot that involved moving the pen in any way, in any direction.

sincerity in i dots

This is a good opportunity to point out that a writer’s lack of a certain trait in their handwriting does not imply that they possess the trait’s opposite. For instance, a writer’s lack of sincerity does not necessarily indicate that they are not sincere. It simply indicates that sincerity is not this person’s strongest personality trait. Missing i-dots make it impossible to tell who is loyal. It is irrelevant how close the i-dot is to the rest of the letter “i” when determining loyalty.  The frequency of an attribute depends on how frequently it has the potential to occur in the sample, as is the case with all traits. The intensity of the trait will be revealed by this.


For a lot of people, having a sense of humor, especially a sense of humor with which they get along, is very important.  While it is simple to recognize humor in writing, determining the type of humor and how it interacts with other types of humor requires much more thought. Here, we’ll only go over the main characteristics of humor.  The first stroke before the “m” in “my” clearly conveys humor. Humor can be found by looking for playful, curvy initial strokes on any letter. For this evaluation, the strokes must be coming from the air and not the baseline.

humor stroke in m

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