Loving Passionate Romantic Kind Caring Outgoing Active

Loving, Passionate, Romantic

Did you write down large loops and heavy writing?  The large loops mean imagination. Upper loops are abstract or philosophical imagination, while the lower loops, which are by far the larger in this sample, indicate material or physical imagination. Writer with large lower loops has a strong libido, is very interested in the physical side of the relationship, and will probably have some rather creative ideas to offer in that area!

large g loops

When writing, the idea of applying heavy pressure is similar to applying pressure to your heart when something emotionally upsetting occurs—the feelings are pressed in deeply. Thus, the intensity of the writing demonstrates depth of feeling. All of the feelings—emotion, love, and romance—will be intense. If the writing has a right slant, the emotion will come through as well. Recall the mouth being open or closed and the circle letters?

If the circle letters, such as “a” and “o,” are mostly open in this sample, the writer will not only feel strongly and be eager to express his or her emotions, but they will also be expressed verbally. This is unquestionably a great candidate in the “sweet nothings” category!  Strangely enough, no one mentioned that they wanted their date to have a strong interest in sex on their list of preferences, despite the fact that everyone wanted someone who was loving and romantic!

Kind and Caring

Though ranked lower, kindness and caring are crucial in day-to-day interactions and in a couple’s life together. Someone who will keep you in mind when making decisions and taking action, will take your feelings into account, and will watch out for you.  There are two characteristics that, when combined, will show that a person is both kind and caring.

The first is empathy, which the thesaurus describes as understanding, sympathy and compassion.  The word “summer” demonstrates empathy. Look at the letter’s baseline.  There are no retraced formations or acute angles. What manifests as a series of rounded “u” shapes or “garlands”? Empathy is implied wherever you see writing with this gently curved baseline.


The same sample also demonstrates generosity. Generosity is indicated by long finals on the last letter and wide spaces between letters in the script.  We can therefore conclude that the author of this piece is kind and considerate.


When we think of someone as outgoing, we are thinking of someone who loves to be in the midst of the action and who would likely become lonely very quickly if cut off from it. Writing with a left slant indicates that the writer is repressing their emotions and is not a gregarious person.  A upright slant is someone who is neither withdrawn nor likely to express their emotions.  According to the slant, a person’s likelihood to be emotionally expressive and the ease with which one will be able to relate to them emotionally are generally considered to be related.  The writer is more expressive emotionally the further to the right the slant.

slant right

The next thing we look for is evidence that this person likes to be surrounded with people, which is evident in the lower loops. The writer will value other people in his or her life more if the lower loop is larger.

Look at how the writing is slightly slanted upwards. This is optimism, which is always a good quality to have in social relationships.

ascending baseline


I suppose most people look for an active date because they don’t want to find out they’re going on a date with a couch potato.  Simply by looking at the writing and noting how much energy appears to have been expended in its creation, one can detect energy. Writing that is weak, light, wavery, or very carefully and slowly written does not indicate energy. On the other hand, a person who writes in bold, sweeping script, or even small script written quickly or just gives you the feeling of energy.

There is a trait that denotes a desire for physical activity. This is just a desire; even someone who is unable to move around due to a disability can express this in their writing.   In both samples, pay attention to the lowercase “p”s.

p loops

What do they share despite the fact that they are different? On the lower extender of both, there is a loop (the stem going below the baseline.)  The sign of a desire for physical activity is this.  Given that the p in “shop” has a much larger loop than “past,” it is obvious that the author of the second word, shop,” has more of this desire than the author of the first word.

It’s interesting to note that the author of “past” has a farther right-hand slant, which indicates that she will express her feelings more. Additionally, the line that extends above the circle portion of the “p” indicates a new trait called argumentative. A writer who freely expresses emotions but will not do so verbally (closed circle letter), who enjoys physical activity, and who has a propensity for argument.

What do these facts seem to imply to you? Maybe this person occasionally engages in physical combat? There is no such issue with the author of “shop”. This writer doesn’t like to argue and tends to keep his or her feelings to themselves. Instead, they write with a strong sense of enjoyment for being active.

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