What does your Handwriting says about You

Free Handwriting Analysis

We use handwriting for a variety of purposes, including our daily to-do lists. Are you aware that the way you write reveals a great deal about your personality? People have used handwriting as a means of communication for hundreds of years to convey their thoughts and feelings. It was only recently that its relationship to human brain activity and psychosocial variables in general was thoroughly investigated.

When you take a handwriting analysis quiz, you can quickly determine your personality type. It operates similarly to the Briggs-Myers personality type theory in that it is based on personality type. Participating in personality assessments enables us to gain a better understanding of our own personality types as well as the personalities of those we care about. As a result, we can gain a better understanding of how people behave in a variety of situations and relate to them on a level they understand.

If you’re tempted to examine your writing under a microscope, consider filling out and sending in the following questionnaire to have it evaluated. You should answer questions about your handwriting to gain a better understanding of your personality and emotional state at the time.

Utilize a handwriting personality or psychological test to gain a firm grasp on who you are and why you behave the way you do in order to make more informed future decisions. Investigate your personality and other characteristics to gain a better understanding of yourself, including your personality type, intelligence level, psychological state, interpersonal skills, and other traits. The Graphological Personality Test (GPT) is a scientifically validated and found to be reliable psychological model for measuring personality.

Answer the following questions A to Z.

A) Does your writing slants left, upright, or right?

B) Is your writing done with heavy, light, or moderate pressure?

C) Does your writing has arcade angular garland/needle-like, or thread connections?

D) Is the size of your writing tiny moderate, or large?

E) Is your writing mostly cursive print, or mixture of both?

F) Does your writing has ultra-high high, or placed at the middle, or low t-bars?

G) Does your writing has double crossed t-bar? Yes, or No

H) Is your signature underlined? Yes, or No

I) Does your writing has tall, moderate height, or short d and t stems?

J) Does your writing has tall retraced, short retraced, short looped, or large looped d and t stems?

K) Does your writing has uphill, or downhill humps on m’s and n’s?

L) Does your writing has long ending upstrokes? Yes, or No

M) Does your writing appears simplified, or complex?

N) Does your writing has large and wide, large, narrow, small, or retraced y, g, and j loops?

O) Does your writing slants upwards, slants downloads, or neither?

P) Does your writing appears rounded, or narrow?

Q) Is there pointed t-bars in your writing? Yes, or No

R) Are your t-bars long, or short?

S) Are your t-bars written with heavy, or light pressure?

T) Are your i-dots close to, leftward from, rightward from, far away from, missing, or placed just on top of their stems?

U) Are your i-dots written with circles, or points?

V) Does the upper, middle, lower, or neither zone of your writing appear disproportionally larger than the rests?

W) Does your writing sit perfectly on straight baseline? Yes, or No

X) Does your writing has down slanted t-bars? Yes, or No

Y) Does your writing has open, or close o’s and a’s?

Z) Does your writing has right loops, left loops, loops on both sides, or no loops for o’s?

Your handwriting analysis report