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According to the copy-book form, the small letter a forces the writer to slow down by requiring him to draw a relatively small circle that is not higher than the m and n lines, which forces him to write more slowly. It is necessary to turn the pen 360 degrees to the left before writing in the opposite direction when drawing a circle. Bringing the two ends of the circle back together also necessitates the writer’s efforts.

Graphologists believe that the way a person writes the letter “A” can reveal certain aspects of their personality. Here are some interpretations:

  • Upper loop: If the letter “A” has an upper loop, it suggests that the writer is creative, imaginative, and has a good sense of humor. They may also be idealistic and have big ideas.
  • Lower loop: A lower loop on the letter “A” indicates that the writer is practical, grounded, and pays attention to detail. They may be cautious and methodical in their approach to tasks.
  • Closed form: A closed form “A” with no loops suggests that the writer is self-contained and introverted. They may be private and keep their emotions to themselves.
  • Open form: An open form “A” with no closed loop at the top suggests that the writer is open-minded and receptive to new ideas. They may be more extroverted and expressive than those who write a closed form “A”.

Additionally, the way a person writes the letter “a” can reveal certain aspects of their personality. Here are some possible interpretations:

  • Open form: An open form “a” with a clear, open space in the middle suggests that the writer is open-minded, approachable, and willing to take risks. They may be outgoing and enjoy trying new things.
  • Closed form: A closed form “a” with a solid triangle shape in the middle suggests that the writer is more private, reserved, and may have a tendency to keep their emotions to themselves. They may be more independent and self-contained.
  • Rounded shape: A rounded shape “a” suggests that the writer is warm, friendly, and approachable. They may be good at connecting with others and have a positive outlook on life.
  • Angular shape: An angular shape “a” suggests that the writer is more analytical, logical, and precise. They may be more reserved and prefer to approach situations in a systematic and organized way.
  • Size: The size of the letter “a” can also indicate certain personality traits. If it’s large, it suggests that the writer is outgoing and confident. If it’s small, it suggests that the writer is more introverted and may lack self-confidence.

Here is a list of interpretations of what different styles of the letter mean:

Graphology Meaning in ANarrow A denotes shyness
Graphology Meaning in AA large loop in A indicates pride with one’s own and family’s accomplishments.
Graphology Meaning in AInexact crossing at the top denotes unconventional and imprecision.
Graphology Meaning in ARounded A denotes a productive intellect, capable of bringing his dreams to fruition.
Graphology Meaning in ASquarish A denotes an interest in construction and mechanics.
Graphology Meaning in AA triangular stroke that ends horizontally denotes a strong reaction to interference.
Graphology Meaning in AMissing horizontal stroke denotes indifference or carelessness.
Graphology Meaning in AA small letter a written in place for the capital A shows sign of humility.
Graphology Meaning in AEnrolled A is a sign of a person who is a family man or woman, or someone who likes to keep things secret.
Graphology Meaning in ALong beginning strokes extended under the line suggest ambition, quarrelsomeness, and a meddling or prying person.
Graphology Meaning in AA second stroke that is shorter indicates ambition.
Graphology Meaning in AMultiple circles signal that he is living in a fantasy world with set notions.
Graphology Meaning in AThe start of the stroke is far to the left, indicating a deep connection to the past.
Graphology Meaning in AThe letter being crossed out or the descending stroke signify disappointment.
Graphology Meaning in AA low horizontal stroke indicates subordination.
Graphology Meaning in AUnusual shapes indicate an expanded sexual imagination and a diminished tolerance to excess and perversions.
Graphology Meaning in ABeginning with an angle denotes toughness.
Graphology Meaning in ATop-opening A implies inaccuracy and chattiness
Graphology Meaning in AThe rounded stroke alludes to an entertainer’s temperament.
Graphology Meaning in AStarting stroke that is right from the down stroke indicates mixture of picky nature and egotism.
Graphology Meaning in ABroad and open top denotes talkativeness.
Graphology Meaning in AShaded A that is filled with ink indicates sensuality
Graphology Meaning in ALoops denote vanity.
Graphology Meaning in ASquarish a denotes an interest in mechanics.
Graphology Meaning in ANarrow a associated with secrecy and reserved behavior.

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