a to z graphology

The small letter b elevates an extension stroke to the top.

Block B indicates a reader nature.
Claw at the left in B denotes Egoist.
Broad bottom arc extending to the left indicates a strong sense of self-importance.
Enrolled B denotes egoism.
Narrow B denotes shyness.
Tall beginning stroke indicates enterprise
Agular connection at the bottom denotes perceptive intellect, ambition to have his own way, and resentment.
Weird shape denotes sex exaggerations and perversions, as well as erotic dreams.
Open bottom in B suggests the inclination in search of self-awareness.
Enrolled B indicates avarice, hoarder, and egoist.
B with amendments indicates health anxiety and self-torment.
Printed B suggests familiarity with printed matter.
Sharpening at the top and bottom indicates a piercing mind, unyielding, and resentful.
Simple and loop-less b suggests taste and intelligence.
Rounded starting stroke indicates a sense of humor and a desire to talk.
b with hooks denotes a stubborn nature.
Small lop at the end of the stroke indicates imagination and a sense of poetry.
Starting stroke that extended into the circle suggests calculating mind.
Long starting strokes denotes elaborate planning.

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