What does your Handwriting says about You

What does your Handwriting says about You


Is your writing readable or not? You might not be an accurate judgment of it. “Can you read this?” you might have to ask someone. If he claims he can, your writing must be readable. It’s illegible if he says he can’t. It’s partially legible and partly illegible if he can only read sections of it.

What does it mean to be readable? It denotes a desire to converse. The more readable your writing is, the better at communicating with others you will be. The more unreadable your writing is, the worse communicator of your thoughts and feelings you are, and you should not be working in a position where you must communicate properly with people.


What is your point of view? Is your writing slanted to the left, straight up and down, slanted to the right, or slanted in every direction? Is it leaning little to the left or significantly to the left if it’s tilting to the left? Is it substantially to the right or simply marginally to the right if it’s tilting to the right? Or is it swaying in every direction?

Are you repressed or expressive of your true emotions with other individuals, based on your responses? Or are you all of these things and an emotional wreck? Consider whether your perspective has shifted on a single word or phrase now that you’ve assessed how much you show your genuine feelings to others. What exactly does that imply? If you immediately rose straight up or shifted to the left, you’ve lost your senses or you’re lying. Do you remember? And if you suddenly turned right, it made you feel very emotional. Do you suffer from Maniac d’s?


How does your starting point look? Of course, you followed the instructions and scribbled on blank paper. You don’t follow regulations and require guidelines if you insist on utilizing lined paper (or maybe you don’t have any blank paper!). You should now have a baseline if you wrote on blank paper. So, with the paper straight in front of you, check to see if the writing is going upward, level, downward, or in all directions.

Remember that writing uphill is the most positive direction, that maintaining a perfectly level baseline is the most challenging, and that a downhill baseline signifies melancholy, disappointment, disillusionment, and fatalism. Was there a change in the baseline of your writing when you used certain words or phrases? What exactly does that imply?


How big are your margins? Remove the paper off the table. Do you have any wiggle room? Do you have any margins? Where are they the heaviest and lightest? Did you leave too much space on the top, bottom, right, or left side of the page? Are there even margins all around? Are you aware of what that entails?

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